The Game of Texas Hold 'Em

We will be playing No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em at the Chicago Poker Open. For some basic information on the history of the game and how to play it, you can visit Wikipedia (link).

Tournament Structure

The Chicago Poker Open will have the following structure:

  • Players will begin with T2000 in chips.
  • Players may add-on immediately for $50, giving them an additional T2,000 in chips.
  • Players may re-buy any time their chip stack equals less than T2000, at a cost of $50 for an additional T2000.
  • Blinds will begin at T$25/T$50 and increase every 15 minutes for the first hour, then every 20 minutes based on the provided structure.
  • A full blind structure is included below. HOWEVER, since we are required by state law to end the tournament within a certain period of time, we reserve the right to change or alter the blinds at any point in the tournament.
  • Our goal is to end the Tournament by Midnight.
  • Registration and the cocktail reception will begin at 6 p.m. Players will be able to go to their tables starting at 6:30 p.m. and the tournament will begin at 7:00 p.m.
  • At the end of the 4th round, there will be a break. During this break, players may add-on regardless of their chip stack size at the time. Subsequent breaks will take place at the end of every 3-4 rounds, and chips will be colored up during those breaks. The last break will occur when there are only ten players left. This break schedule may be modified in order to accommodate the scheduled end-time of the tournament.
  • Tables will be balanced and condensed as needed throughout the course of the tournament at the sole discretion of the organizers of the Chicago Poker Open. We will make every available attempt to keep tables at equal ratios throughout the course of the night. When condensing tables, players may be moved to a different position at a new table. For example, a player being moved from a table where s/he was the button, may be moved into a position other than the button at the new table.
  • When only 9 or 10 players remain, at the discretion of the tournament director, play will stop and players will draw for seats at the final table.
  • All tournament participants and spectators must be 21 years of age or older.

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Blind Schedule

Please remember, we reserve the right to change or alter the blinds or length of the levels at any point in the tournament.

The first 12 levels will last 15 minutes. After the third hour, blind levels will slow down to 20 minutes.

15 Minute Blinds

Level 1 

25 - 50

Level 2

50 - 100

Level 3

75 - 150

Level 4


First Break (Add On Period)

Level 5

150 - 300

Level 6

200 - 400

Level 7

300 - 600

Level 8


Second Break (Color Up)

Level 9

800 - 1600

Level 10

1000 - 2000

Level 11


Level 12

2000 - 4000

Third Break (Color Up)
20 Minute Blinds

Level 13

3000 - 6000

Level 14

5000 - 10000

Level 15

8000 - 16000

Level 16

15000 - 30000

Level 17

20000 - 40000


After Level 17, blinds will double at this point at the sole discretion of the tournament director to ensure an ending prior to cut-off.

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Re-Buys and Add-ons

  • During the first hour of play any player with less than T2,000 in chips may re-buy for $50 and receive T2000 chips.
  • There are no limits as to how many re-buys a player may make within the first hour.
  • A player who loses all of his or her chips may re-buy back into the tournament on the next hand.
  • During the first hour break all players, regardless of chip count, will be allowed to purchase one add-on for half the initial tournament cost and receive an amount of chips equal to the tournament starting chips. Players who have below T2000 in chips at the break may re-buy AND add-on.
  • After the first hour break ends, no more re-buys or add-ons will be allowed. Players who lose all of their chips after this point will be knocked out of the tournament.

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Our top finishers will win exciting and valuable prize packages, all in compliance with Illinois Charitable gaming guidelines.  We are excited to announce that our top finisher will win our:

Rain Main Getaway Package

which includes:

  • We will dress you right, in your new custom suit and business shirt, courtesy of Balani Custom Clothiers
  • Two first class round-trip tickets to Las Vegas, Nevada (or anywhere in the continental U.S.) courtesy of United Airlines.
  • Four-day, three-night stay at Caesars Palace Resort & Casino, one of their new towers, courtesy of Impact365.
  • Dinner for you and a guest at a restaurant to be named later...


Other top finishers will be awarded prize packages which include such items as a 3-hour Lake Michigan Sailboat Tour with Dinner for 8, 32" flat-screen television, Kindle Fire HD, Chicago Bulls Tickets, 2-night stay at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Chicago sports teams paraphernalia (autographed Blackhawks puck, Jersey), restaurant gift certificates, massage gift certificate, private 3-hour concert performance by the Meritage Acoustic Duo, and more.


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We highly encourage people who are not playing in the tournament come and partake in the festivities. A crowded house makes it more fun and exciting for everyone. In addition to watching you and the other guests play, spectators can enjoy the wide array of food and beverages available. Spectator can watch for free, but we do ask for a $35 donation to help us support the Club and offset our event costs.


After the conclusion of the re-buy/add-on period any celebrities who are left in the tournament will have a “bounty” put on them. Every time a tournament player knocks-out a celebrity, the player who knocked out the celebrity will win a prize.

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Date:   Friday, Nov 9, 2012

Time:   Registration 6pm
           Late Reg until 8pm
           Tournament 7p - 12a

Where: Chicago Cultural Center
           78 E Washington St.
           Chicago, IL 60602

Cost:    $125 Early Poker Reg.
           (Discounted from $150)
           $100 Gambler's Package
           $35 Spectator Only Entry

All packages include food and drink vouchers.

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